Only you (And You Alone)


Musik: Ram Buck, Ande Rand

Text: Ram Buck, Ande Rand

Gesang: Andreas Holm


GEMA-Werk.-Nr: 990548-001

Wildwood  Music INC

Mellin Robert Musikverlag KG


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Only you

can make this change in me.

For it’s true,

you are my destiny.

When you hold my hand

I understand the magic that you do.

My dream com true,

my one and only you.


Only you

can make this world seems right.

Only you

can make the darkness bright.

Only you, and you alone,

can thrill me like you do,

and fill my heart with love

for only you.


Fernsehproduktion für „Ein Kessel Buntes“ 25.09.1976

(Titel von The Platters 1955)